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Xanigo Marine Doubles the Footprint of their St. Augustine Bottling Facility

November 29, 20232 min read


Increased demand and distribution are the drivers of continued growth

St. Augustine, FL – Increased demand for their mold and mildew prevention system and growing distribution opportunities have driven the St. Augustine start-up Xanigo Marine to double the footprint of their bottling facilty in St Augustine, FL.

 Currently the Xanigo Marine facility bottles five products. The plan is to increase the throughput on these skus while providing capacity requirements to support the new products scheduled to be released in 2024. Beyond significant growth in online sales, increased interest from small retail outlets, marina ship stores and professional detailers have enabled continued growth for the Xanigo Marine product line.

The flagship product of Xanigo Marine is their Mold and Mildew Prevention system centered around a water-based mold and mildew preventer and an effective stain remover. “The most exciting part of our growth is the fact that product performance is creating the swell. Customers are so impressed after using our products that they are telling marina owners and their favorite local retailers and that is making our phones ring”, states Robert Holmes the Founder and Managing Partner of Xanigo.

The future looks bright for Xanigo Marine because of their unique approach. Holmes continues, “I tell our team all the time that we create protocol that provides a better way to manage specific challenges in the marine industry. That protocol happens to contain our innovative chemicals and solutions but first comes the education of how to do things better and why.”

Xanigo Marine has also released two bio-based formulas in 2023. Degreaser and Dock and Deck Cleaner that are bio-based, ultimate biodegradable and registered and tested through the USDA bio-preferred program. To find out more about these products, protocol and approach visit or follow them on social channels @xanigomarine

Xanigo Marine was established in the summer of 2020 at the Ohio Weslyan Entrepreneurial Center in Delaware, OH relocating the business to St. Augustine, FL in 2021 to have a coastal presence in a key market of NE Florida. Xanigo Marine will continue to focus on processes, chemical solutions, tools and technology to support the marine industry professionals and boat owners. ###

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