Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions About Xanigo Marine

How long does Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Preventer last?

The Mold & Mildew Preventer from Xanigo Marine offers protection for up to 90 days per application. This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your surfaces are safeguarded against mold and mildew for an extended period with each use.  

Will the Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Stain Remover harm my stitching?

Our Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is considered a harsh chemical but he goal is to only use this product ONE TIME. Once the mold is removed, rinse with water and use our

Waterless Wash to neutralize the remover so it doesn't harm your stitching. Follow up with the Mold & Mildew Preventer so the mold doesn't come back!

What is the Xanigo Marine Atomizer for and do I need it?

Our Xanigo Marine Atomizer serves a crucial role in the application process. It is designed to provide an even layer of the Mold & Mildew Preventer while minimizing solution waste. Compared to typical squirt bottles or pump sprayers, the Xanigo Atomizer uses 3-4 times less solution and creates smaller droplets, allowing you to achieve greater coverage with less solution. While you can apply the product without it, the sprayer enhances efficiency and effectiveness.

Can I try Xanigo Marine products before I buy them?

Unfortunately, we do not have a try before you buy program. That being said, we stand behind our products. If you find that the product does not improve your situation, please contact us at 800-514-7837. Be sure to document the process with pictures and videos to assist in addressing your concerns.

Does Xanigo Marine have a money back guarantee?

Given the multiple variables, environments, surfaces being applied to, application process and types of mold, having a written guarantee is challenging. That being said, we stand behind our products. If the product does not improve your situation, call us at 800-514-7837 so we can do the right thing. To ensure the best support, we recommend documenting the process with pictures and videos for reference.

Are there products that will inactivate the Mold & Mildew Preventer?

Yes, certain products can inactivate the Mold & Mildew Preventer. Xanigo Marine recommends using pH-neutral soaps and water-based cleaners, such as our Waterless Wash, to keep the Mold & Mildew Preventer active. Using compatible cleaning products helps maintain the effectiveness of the preventive treatment.

Does Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Preventer also remove mold?

No, the Mold & Mildew Preventer is primarily designed for prevention. It effectively prevents mold and mildew for 90 days per application but does not serve as a mold remover. If you have an existing mold problem, it's recommended to remove it first using our Mold & Mildew Stain Remover and then apply the Mold & Mildew Preventer to prevent future growth.

Do I need the remover AND the preventer?

If you currently have a mold problem, it's advisable to use the Mold & Mildew Stain Remover to effectively remove the mold. Afterward, applying the Mold & Mildew Preventer is essential to prevent mold from returning. However, if there is no mold present, using the Preventer alone can help eliminate future mold issues.

Does Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Stain Remover contain bleach?

Our Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is a sodium hypochlorite-based product  which is extremely effective for killing and removing mold but is considered a harsh chemical. The goal is to only use this product ONE TIME. Once the mold is removed, use our water-based Mold & Mildew Preventer to stop it from coming back! 

Will Xanigo Marine’s Mold & Mildew Preventer work over the winter when storing or shrink-wrapping my boat?

Yes, the Mold & Mildew Preventer is designed to work effectively during the winter season when storing or shrink-wrapping your boat. It provides ongoing protection against mold and mildew growth, ensuring your boat remains in optimal condition even during storage.

What kind of seats does Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Preventer work on? 

The Xanigo Marine 3-step process is designed to work on vinyl surfaces and other types of seats, including boat seats, golf car seats and patio cushions!

Can Xanigo Marine’s Mold & Mildew Stain Remover be used on colored vinyl seats without fading them?

Our Mold & Mildew Stain Remover can be used on any colored vinyl but we always suggest testing a small area first.

Are Xanigo Marine solutions made in the USA?

Yep! Bottled and shipped from beautiful St. Augustine, Florida!

Why are your prices higher than others?

Xanigo Marine's products are professional-grade and designed to work as a system to effectively eliminate mold and mildew issues. The higher prices reflect the quality and performance of their solutions, ensuring long-lasting results and customer satisfaction.

What is Xanigo Marine’s return policy?

Xanigo Marine follows industry standards, and as such, chemicals are generally not returnable. Non-chemical products have a 30-day return policy. If you have concerns about a product, it's advisable to contact Xanigo Marine at 800-514-7837 to discuss your specific situation.

Why does it cost $15 to ship a single bottle of remover?

Xanigo Marine offers their products in 2-3 solution kits, not as single bottles. The shipping cost reflects the packaging and shipping of these kits, which are designed to provide the best results in mold and mildew prevention.

Does Xanigo Marine ship to Canada?

Yes. We do ship internationally.

How do I become a Xanigo Marine distributor?

To become a distributor, send an email to and we will have a team member reach out.