Boat Mold Prevention Spotlight: Lakeside Detailing

As odd it may sound, Nick Kaczmarski from Ontario, Canada knew at a very young age that his attention to detail and desire for things to be clean, would put him a good spot and that is exactly what happened. People have always complimented him on how well he cared for his stuff, from his very first bicycle, to every car he has ever owned.

Being the son of a sailor, it became fairly obvious where his focus on cleanliness and caring for vehicles would take him. Nick states, “Every boat owner would agree with me when I say that there’s just something about a perfectly clean boat that words can’t describe.” Yes sir Nick, you are right on!

Today Nick runs a successful boat detailing company. When we spoke with Nick, he was very clear to tell us that he was going to give Xanigo Marine Mold and Mildew Preventer a shot but had yet to find anything that worked really well. In fact, he went on to say, “Mold on boat seats is a problem on 100% of the boats I service in Ontario. I have used some other products that say they ‘prevent mold’ but it comes back after a few days.”

When we asked Nick about how he felt about Xanigo Marine, he was quick to respond, “there is nothing like this. I treat every service like it is my own boat. I am a believer and guess what I use on my own boat now?”

When we asked Nick if his customers were seeing value in the service and he told us that he started offering the service as an add-on. It was an option for his customers and of course, some would pay for it and others wouldn’t. Now, after seeing how well Xanigo Marine has kept the mold and mildew off of the treated boats, he has raised his prices and now adds it as a part of the service he provides to every boat and his customers love it. In fact, Nick told us, “It is definitely profitable for my business. I increased my prices and have added it as a step to every service and I am still gaining customers faster than I can keep up.” Well done Nick and the Lakeside team!

Nick states the applicator makes short work of things when he said, “It’s super easy to apply the product. The atomizer works fast and was easy to figure out and put together. It doesn’t add hardly any time.”

Best of all Nick says his customers will be the ones that benefit the most and he says since he has been using the system, he hasn’t seen any signs of Mold and Mildew returning. He says his customers have been very happy with the product. Boat mold prevention is the way to go!

If you are in Muskoka, Simcoe, York or the surrounding areas of Ontario and need help with boat mold prevention, give Nick a call!

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