6 Steps to Prevent Mold Growth When Storing Your Boat or RV

The majority of folks store their RVs and boats away in the fall. But because they did not take the necessary procedures to stop the formation of mold, several of them discover unpleasant surprises in the spring — MOLD!

Mold can develop anywhere that is warm and moist, so your camper, RV, and especially your boat mold preventer are all excellent places for it to thrive. Mold can hide in a variety of places, including carpets, ventilation systems, bathrooms, refrigerators, under seats, canvas, rope, and many other places.

Here are 6 useful hints to keep nasty springtime surprises at bay while storing your recreational vehicle over the winter:

1- To prevent dust or grime buildup and to deny mold food, wash and wax your watercraft or automobile well.

2- The fresh and hot water tanks, as well as all the hot and cold lines, should be completely drained.

3- Defrost the refrigerator, then turn it off and wipe it down. Keep the door slightly propped open to allow for airflow.

4- To prevent condensation from accumulating between the cover and the boat or RV, use a permeable cover, or park it inside a building.

5- Make sure carpets, canvases, and ropes are totally dry and clean all interior and exterior surfaces.

6- Finally spray down all surfaces with Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Preventer.

Xanigo Marine Mold and mildew preventer provides the best mold prevention technology on the market. This will protect all your surfaces from mold and mildew growth all offseason, leaving your boat or RV fresh and ready to use in the spring! To get started preventing mold and mildew on your boat or RV, visit www. xanigomarine.com.

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