What Does Boat Mold Look Like?

Being on the open water, throwing back a few drinks while enjoying the breeze with family and friends.

Skiing, tubing, wakeboarding or surfing.

Fishing, swimming and taking in the beautiful scenery that bodies of water provide.

Being a boat owner has so many benefits. Unfortunately, there are some difficulties of being the coolest friend of the group. By far, the hardest part about being a boat owner is boat maintenance. Maintaining your boat properly isn’t always the easiest because the environment you’re in has such a massive impact on your vessel.

One of the most expensive and time consuming maintenance requirements of boat ownership is cleaning the interior — specifically because of the horrible impact that mold has on boat seats.

So what does boat mold look like?

If you don't know what mold looks like, it's a discoloration that starts when spores attach themselves to an area of your boat and grow into a patch of fuzzy-looking material. Mold presents itself in several colors and areas. It can be anywhere from black to green to orange, even PINK, depending on what kind it is. It may even look like a bathing suit or a towel rubbed some color/ink off onto the seat.

Some people are allergic to it, and even if you're not, it's still very scary!

You're probably thinking, "Can mold ruin my boat seats?" or "will boat seat mold come back once cleaned?"

Unfortunately, finding mold on your boat seats often means you’ll eventually have to replace those seats, costing thousands of dollars! If the mold doesn’t eat away at the vinyl and seams, the chemicals that are necessary to remove it will.

The process of removing boat seat mold is so detrimental to the seats themselves that you’re much better off preventing it than treating it because boat seat mold will come back if you don’t prevent it!

So what can you do to PREVENT mold?

Until recently, boat mold prevention hasn’t been much of an option. Boat owners were forced to just deal with mold and mildew as it came about — which is far too often.

Now, thanks to Xanigo Mold, preventing mold and mildew is easier than washing your boat. In less than 10 minutes, you can prevent mold and mildew on your boat for up to 90 days.

Interior boat mold prevention with Xanigo Marine is simple. Once you have a clean surface, just spray the Mold & Mildew Preventer solution onto virtually any marine surface. The solution will create a bond to the surface that protects your boat from mold & mildew for up to 90 days. The best part is that it requires no wiping! And there’s no need to worry about using too much solution or ruining your boat surfaces since the solution is water based and colorless.

More info on this system can be found at www.xanigomarine.com.

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