Boat Mold Prevention Spotlight: Precision Marine Detailing

"Xanigo Marine saves me time which makes me more money.”

When he was just in high school, Nick Caceres started detailing his friends' cars and doing car audio as a hobby on the side. 

Now, as a father of two boys, he's made the transition from cars to boats and owns his own business in Orlando, FL - Precision Marine Detailing!

Nick has a passion for Harley motorcycles and sold his last one to fund his detailing business in 2021. Everyone in his family owns their own company and he finally got to understand why. He started with cars but soon came to realize the money was definitely in boats. Nick truly enjoys working on the water and outside, and loves being his own boss.

As a kid, Nick used to fish with family in Bimini, Bahamas, and hated when their fishing boats looked bad. Not everyone wanted to wash their own boat, so he figured it was a good way to make money while helping people.

If you've ever seen a map of Orlando, you'd know that it looks like Swiss cheese because of all the lakes. Because of this, there are almost as many boat as cars which means boat detailers are in high demand.

After just a couple months of advertising his new boat detailing business on Instagram and Facebook, he was booked out for weeks, then quickly months. For Nick, boats have yielded much better word of mouth than cars, so the transition was smooth from the beginning.

Most of his work involves detailing boats in a boathouse or deckhouse—these types of places usually have mildew problems and an overall stuffy smell. That was just one reason why the idea of preventing mold just made sense.

Nick specializes on interior jobs and was in business for about a year before using Xanigo Marine, which has allowed him to clean boats much faster. In fact, he loves it so much that he's been offering mold prevention for free on every job because not having to remove mold and mildew anymore saves him so much time! Without the ability to prevent mold, he would have to spend 1-2 additional hours on each boat. Now, he's no longer dealing with mold or mildew, all because he saw the Xanigo Marine Online Certification on Instagram!

Running a marine detailing business has been a struggle at times, but Nick attributes his hard work as what got him to where he is today. He values his time, and Xanigo Marine has allowed him to significantly cut down on longer jobs so he can work on more boats and even spend extra time with his family. He's been able to cut 4 hour jobs down to 2-2.5 hours, drastically reducing time in the sun. Plus, now that Nick includes mold prevention on every job he does, he's been able to show his customers that he cares about their investment.

If you are in Orlando, FL or the surrounding areas and need help with boat mold prevention, or any other detailing service, give Nick a call!

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